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Carrot Sun tan

Crème de Fruits Tropicaux

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Contenu : 350 ml

La crème accélératrice de bronzage aux fruits tropicaux contient les accélérateurs de bronzage naturels La L-Tyrosine et l'huile de carotte qui stimulent et soutiennent le processus naturel de bronzage de la peau en lui apportant ce dont elle a besoin lorsqu'elle est exposée au soleil ou au bronzage. Si vous aimez les senteurs fruitées, c'est la crème de choix ! Merveilleusement hydratante et donne de beaux résultats dorés, cette crème contient également du henné, qui sublime votre couleur et prolonge votre bronzage.

Type de peau : Tous

Bienfaits pour la peau : L'huile de carotte contient des carotènes antioxydants, de la vitamine A et des acides gras oméga-3, qui ont des propriétés hydratantes et régénératrices cellulaires. 

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    Crème de Fruits Tropicaux
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    • Natural Ingredients

      We only use the best natural ingredients.

    • Carrot Oil

      A natural tan accelerator for all skin types.

    • Natural Process

      Our product enhances your natural tanning.

    • Tanning Results

      Develop a deeply rich, golden tan fast.


    I’d like to get a really dark tan on holiday, which cream can you recommend?

    The very best product we can recommend for what you need is the Carrot Cream, and we say that from experience! It will give you the darkest tan and it will be a really lovely colour because of the henna in it. Best of all you will find that your tan lasts longer than usual after you get back from holiday. 

    Can I use it on my face?

    Yes, you can use it all over your body.

    Is it like fake tan/ self-tanner? Is there a chance I might go streaky?

    No. These creams do have a type of bronzer called Henna, but it's not at all a fake tan/ self-tanner and will not get you streaky and won't tan you without the sun or a sunbed. Basically, the henna will enhance your tan and make it last longer, but it doesn't work unless you go in the sun or on a sunbed. No matter how you apply it, you should get an even tan.

    Will it tan me without the sun or a sunbed?

    No, you must be exposed to the sun or use a sunbed in order for it to work.

    Are any of the varieties better than the others? How do I choose which one to buy?

    We’ve had a lot of fun testing out all the varieties, and they all work brilliantly! But if you’re trying to decide which one to buy, we suggest that you choose one based on what you need.

    Carrot- will get you really nice and dark and is for normal skin types 

    Coconut- good for sensitive or very fair skin, perfect for getting a base tan

    Papaya- has skin healing and regenerative properties, also good for sensitive skin

    Cocoa Butter- great for dry skin

    Gold- for normal skin

    Tropical Fruit- for normal skin

    Watermelon- for dry/oil/acne-prone skin

    Otherwise, you can choose one based on whether it contains henna or not.

    And if you still really can’t decide (we know, it’s hard!), then we recommend you go with whichever scent you prefer.

    Which varieties contain the bronzer henna?

    The Carrot, Papaya, Tropical Fruit, and Watermelon varieties.