Vegan and not animal tested

We have provided the best ingredients that leaves your skin silky smooth and glowing, without the orange shades and strange odor. Last and not least, all of our products are vegan and not animal tested.

Directions For Use

Vitamins, Carotenoids, And Essential Fatty Acids Nourish Skin, And Antioxidants Protect Skin From UV Ray-Induced Free Radicals

Carrot oil is a natural tan accelerator, and is present in our Carrot & Tropical Fruit products. It is also rich in beta carotene which, in the correct amounts, shows as a slightly bronze coloured tint on skin. Beta carotene is another contributor to Carrot Sun’s signature golden glow. Carrot oil is also rich in vitamins A, E, & C and antioxidants, all of which significantly reduce the signs of aging and combat free radicals.

Henna Enhances Your Colour To A Beautiful Golden Shade And Locks It In For a Long-Lasting Tan

Henna is a plant extract that has been used to stain skin naturally for hundreds of years. Carrot Sun contains a type of henna that gives a rich golden-coloured glow, thus enhancing your skin colour naturally during tanning. Henna also allows skin to hold on to that glow for weeks, resulting in a very long lasting tan that fades more evenly.

All The Vitamins That Your Skin Needs

Wheat germ oil is packed with skin-loving nutrients including A, B, D, & E vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants that support the formation of collagen, promote an even skin tone, combat free radicals, and boost skin regeneration. Wheat germ oil is also a natural moisturiser with soothing and anti-ageing properties.