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Carrot Sun Tan Accelerators

Our products develop a deeply rich, golden tan fast! They can be used in the sun or on sunbeds, and can even be applied over SPF lotion. Try one of our luxuriously moisturising, heavenly scented products and experience for yourself why Carrot Sun is one of the top tanning products worldwide.

Why choose Carrot Sun?

  • Organic Ingredients

    Every ingredient is a natural tan-accelerating.

  • Vegan Products

    All the Carrot Sun products are certified vegan and cruelty free.

  • SPF friendly

    Can be used in conjunction with SPF lotions.

  • Real tan

    The henna will enhance your tan and make it last longer.

The Carrot Sun Essentials

Our Best Sellers

Best Seller

Carrot Sun Cream

Carrot tan accelerating cream is the first and original tanning cream developed by Carrot Sun®. This cream will get you as tanned as possible and will allow you to get very dark- fast!

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Gold Cream & Spray

Gold tan accelerating cream is a perfumed delight that is good for developing a base tan for all skin types.

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What's Best For My Skin Type?

  • Sensitive Skin

    The Coconut tan accelerating cream is one of our gentler accelerators that works well for fair and sensitive skin, and helps to develop a base tan if you have not been in the sun for a while.

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  • Acne-prone Skin

    For every dry or oily acne-prone skin, the watermelon cream is what's best for your skin type. The Watermelon tan accelerating cream is the lightest and driest of all our creams.

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  • Normal Skin

    Use the Gold or Tropical Fruit cream. It is moisturising, contains the natural tan accelerating agent L-Tyrosine, almond oil which is rich in vitamin E, and wheat germ oil which contains essential fatty acids.

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  • Damaged Skin

    Damaged skin will benefit from this tan accelerator because it contains papaya oil, which is rich in antioxidants that combat free radicals resulting from UV rays.

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  • Dry Skin

    Cocoa Butter tan accelerating cream is perfect for tanning skin that is prone to dryness. It is extremely indulgent and moisturising, and smells like chocolatey heaven.

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Amazing ! I cant recommend this product enough ! Maximum tanning results in the shortest amount of time. Works both in the sunbed and outdoors. Will not use anything else :)

Chelsea Brown

I absolutely love this tanning oil, I have the one with papaya, it smells amazing, it have a smidge of henna in the formula to dye the skin slightly. It doesn't feel to greasy and gives such a gorgeous tan. The price for the amount you get is only fair, the tub can last me years.

Shirley Mount

Easy to apply, very effective, no mess or shadowing. Only remember to apply over SP factor sun lotion of your choice which it advises you to do. Lost count of number of people who wanted to know where I bought it. Enough for next years holiday too !

Aly Smith

Only used a couple of times on sunbed got a lovely tan best product I have used for sunbed tanning well worth the price.

Jen Davies

The most amazing tanning cream ever i love it so much this is a must every summer for real it’s great!!!

Farah Taylor

Best stuff ever!!! Always out when the sun is out. I really get a good tan with this product. Worth the buy and fas delivery...

Laura Kidnco